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November 1, 2012

GCI pulls sponsorship of local radio DJ FATGUY’s “Last Stand” event at Chilkoot Charlie’s

Jon Marte-FatGuy

AK INSIDER has it that one of Alaska’s top rocks DJ, Jon Marte, aka FATGUY from the radio station 94.7 KZND-FM The End will be leaving Alaska. FATGUY recently lost his job as the top DJ at Alaska’s local radio station owned by the Alaska Integrated Media Group because of drugs. Other sources say that FATGUY was heavily involved in drug dealing and throwing drug parties with local bands and musicians around the Anchorage area.

GCI, Alaska’s largest cable and cellular network was sponsoring the event until they found out that FATGUY was terminated from his employment because of illegal drugs. GCI Vice-President David Morris told informed sources within AK INSIDER that after careful investigation into FATGUY’S reason for termination, that it was not conducive for GCI to sponsor this event and they were pulling their support, adding that GCI was making further inquiries into how they became involved with this event.

Other sponsors Realtor Todd Held of Prudential Real Estate, Sancho’s Barbecue Restaurant, American Pride Foods and Bikini Babes AK are also listed as sponsors for this event.

FATGUY’S last attempt to grandstand with local bands and musicians is throwing the party at Alaska’s world famous Chilkoot Charlie’s Bar in the heart of Anchorage, Alaska. The party called “MAKE A SCENE, FATGUY’S LAST STAND” is trying to make tribute to himself using seventeen local bands on one epic night of celebration. Band participants for this event are unwitting contributors to sponsoring and condoning illegal drugs in this community by idolizing FATGUY, says AK INSIDER.

Bands involved in paying tribute to FATGUY are 3 Kisses, Eternal Cowboys, Kill Tango, Lavoy, Men With Guns, Thera, TIA, Turquoise Boy. Anchorage event planners “The Family Tree Presents” lineup includes bands Bolt Action Beaver, City In Ashes, Decepticide, Glass Halo, Machinecorpse, Make For The Morning, Shifter and Sicarius.

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Paul Bauer has served in various positions on Anchorage community boards, commissions and councils in and out of elected office with over a decade of business management experience after serving 22 years of national service. His background includes living in and visiting many diverse communities around the United States, Europe with small excursions to the Pacific that had him working with culturally diverse groups of people most of his life. As an Assembly Member he was one Member that voted against Mayor Mark Begich's costly budget increase; the largest spending budgets in the city's history; raising awareness to get a public discussion on illegal immigration in the city and removing the city's "Sanctuary City" status; bringing public awareness of the Mayor's lavish spending and his conflict of interest with his family's gift shop on the “E Street” road improvement project.


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