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Neither Chairman Ruedrich nor Chair-elect Millette merits being Party Chair

There are many conservatives in Alaska; then the Alaska Republican Party haters Joe Miller Conservatives (JMC); but first and foremost there are many conservatives not associated with the JMC’s that are also not intransigent supporters of the current Alaska Republican Party, its leadership and all its platforms.

Russ Millette

Russ Millette

To state the distinction is necessary for all to understand that all conservatives in Alaska are not unescapably aligned with Joe Miller, but share the same conservative ideology as they do and have a profound wish to change the Alaska Republican Party.

AK INSIDER read Sean Godfrey’s article “The Old Guard Power Mongers of the Alaska GOP Will Stop At Nothing to Maintain Power” in Joe Millers, Restoring Liberty online publication and coiled through the Frank McQueary’s complaint letter. I found many inconsistencies and contradictions on both sides. The Godfrey article had just as many non-factual statements, innuendos and irrelevant bits of information as the McQueary complaint.

Randy Ruedrich

Randy Ruedrich

 As I read both arguments, I saw McQueary’s attempts to discredit the Party’s newly elected Chair, Russ Millette with claims of corruption, dishonesty and disloyalty to the Republican causes. In Godfrey’s article there was charges of “inflammatory rhetoric,” “distortions,” and “baseless allegations,” and uniformly claims against the integrity and contradictions of the complainant, Frank McQueary.

Besides those pieces of political speech-making attacks, McQueary fails to mention Party rules validating his lack of understanding that every complaint must also follow the RULES.

Amusingly as it may be, The ARP Rules are incomplete, have many gaps that opens the Party apparatus to many questions and interpretations. The inadequate Party Rules place the Party in a state of disarray among its members. One example, there are no rules that addresses the criteria to be the Party Chairman. Both unethical Republicans caught using State government computers for political purposes and a newly registered Republican with no Party experience or resume to lead can be Chair of the largest political Party in the State of Alaska. A felon, college freshman and soda-head Alfred E. Newman can be Chair of the Alaska Republican Party.  

A.E. Newman

A.E. Newman

McQueary’s only factual information that can be immediately validated is Millette’s timing as a Republican Party member through Alaska’s Division of Elections record that Millette became a Republican just before becoming the newly elected Chair. Godfrey’s only evidence of Millette meeting any reasonable criteria is the 18-year-old Millette’s association with supporting Republican Barry Goldwater 49 years ago in 1964; does not qualify him as a life-long Republican or to be Chair. This leads AK INSIDER to believe that why not a former life-long member of the Communist Party that just registered as a Republican in 2012 can be Chair.

Particular qualities for the leadership of the ARP successively requires the Chair to listen and be discerning; be competent and cultivate high competence; focus; have courage and initiative; problem solve by anticipating problems, accept the truth , see the big picture; and, forge relationships.

The newly elected Chairman of the ARP, specifically Russ Millette, should never have allowed himself to be duped into taking the position of Finance Chair. The rule is idiotic if there is such a rule. It is designed for the inexperienced to fail. The notion is demeaning that the incoming Chair in transition would let that happen. The Chair in transition shadows the outgoing Chair and sets up a transition team. The incoming Chair is given the same respect as the sitting Chair.

Does the newly elected President of the United States wait nine months to take over the government?

From a man’s point of view, for what purpose would Millette go through a period of human gestation undergoing pain, apprehension and despair before taking the Chairmanship? A new recent establishment rule extended the change in the Chairmanship another four months; a year that gives Ruedrich’s establishment time to regroup and take back the Party.

McQueary’s most important allegation is that Millette raised money but did not deposit the money in the ARP account. McQueary must have direct evidence of check fraud, a State criminal offense. According to McQueary money is not in the “coffers” of Republican candidates either. Which is it? Did Millette deposit checks or not? If they went to candidates from the Party, all incoming Party checks must be addressed to the ARP, not candidates.

It was inevitable that these type of allegations now before the “Ruedrich Party” would cascade into a storm of ongoing confusion and dismay for the Alaska Republican Party.

For the good of Party unity, to establish a vote of confidence among the voters and present a respectable Party reputation; Ruedrich must go. The Party must transition.

On the other hand, the politically inexperienced; ultra-responsive and overconfident JMC Russ Millette at the helm who failed to see Ruedrich’s tactical coup right before their eyes must not be Chair.

Who is the puppet here? The JMC’s must be on 5-hour Energy drinks in their rush for change with no tangible and calculating plan to change the Party. It seems like another armor attack with no air support and no infantry.

As in 2008, this was another Joe Miller flop to get rid of Randy Ruedrich just as his washout in the General Election against a write-in candidate that he previously beat in the Primary.

The Party State Central Committee (SCC) must declare that there are inconsistencies in the philosophy and operation of the Party apparatus. The SCC must give up their loyalties and disqualify both Chairs for the good of the Party; select an interim Party Chair that cannot campaign for the Chairmanship until a time, place and method that can be set to elect a new Chair. Establish an election nominating and operating committee and convene the Rules Committee whose mission is to develop a means and method to conduct another convention. Considering the fiscal state of the Party and expenses incurred with another event it should be on a smaller scale with additional district bonus delegates to ensure both factions are represented equally.

The SCC must act for the “Good of the Party” and the voting public. It must absolutely be inclusive to both the advantaged and disenfranchised Republican registered voters in Alaska.

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Paul Bauer has served in various positions on Anchorage community boards, commissions and councils in and out of elected office with over a decade of business management experience after serving 22 years of national service. His background includes living in and visiting many diverse communities around the United States, Europe with small excursions to the Pacific that had him working with culturally diverse groups of people most of his life. As an Assembly Member he was one Member that voted against Mayor Mark Begich's costly budget increase; the largest spending budgets in the city's history; raising awareness to get a public discussion on illegal immigration in the city and removing the city's "Sanctuary City" status; bringing public awareness of the Mayor's lavish spending and his conflict of interest with his family's gift shop on the “E Street” road improvement project.


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