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March 15, 2013

Anchorage Budget Accountablity 2000-2013

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Find out who is responsible for the biggest tax and budget increase in Anchorage’s history and continuing to grow despite a change in political power at the top.

Anchorage Budget Accountability Chart 2000-2013

You will be surprised of what Alaskan political party that dominated the political scene and held the power of the “purse” during the biggest and continuing increase of the budget during this century.
Pundits have to agree that political affiliation and campaign hype for candidates and elected officials who say they will control the budget is irrelevant. The graph shows that Republicans on the Anchorage Assembly in a super majority will not control spending as much as any progressive Democrat would.
Liars, resume boasters, self-centric, and political whimper’s have no place in Alaskan politics.  
What counts is a history of good character, a variety of worldly experience, a solid working background; willing and able to show courage, enthusiasm and leadership is what we need in our future Mayor’s and Assembly Members.

About the Author

Chief Editor
Paul Bauer has served in various positions on Anchorage community boards, commissions and councils in and out of elected office with over a decade of business management experience after serving 22 years of national service. His background includes living in and visiting many diverse communities around the United States, Europe with small excursions to the Pacific that had him working with culturally diverse groups of people most of his life. As an Assembly Member he was one Member that voted against Mayor Mark Begich's costly budget increase; the largest spending budgets in the city's history; raising awareness to get a public discussion on illegal immigration in the city and removing the city's "Sanctuary City" status; bringing public awareness of the Mayor's lavish spending and his conflict of interest with his family's gift shop on the “E Street” road improvement project.


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